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Calendars & Planners

Staples offers a number of practical 2016 calendars that manage your goals, meetings and special events. Desktop versions include additional space for handwritten notes and lists. Wall calendars are an excellent tool for creating shared team calendars and planning booklets offer additional space to categorize appointments or view your week at a glance. Consider your preferences for portability, space and sharing when you choose a calendar or planner from Staples.

Calendars For Everyday Use

Retired seniors may not always be in the workplace, but they're still busy. They especially enjoy both the decorative elements and practical nature of a traditional wall-hanging calendar that sports colorful artwork or stunning photos related to a favorite hobby or theme.

Start Fresh With A New Calendar

Several kinds of calendars are completely suitable for a desk. Whether working from a corner office or a kitchen table, tear away sheets create fresh pre-formatted pages for every week or month, allowing you to complete the details as needed. Users can view the scheduling of their day at a glance, staying one step ahead of critically important meetings and or daily appointments.

Calendars That You Can Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Calendars are often eco-friendly, and several ranges include a portion of recycled paper. Used sheets can also double as art resources. Children enjoy drawing and coloring and learn valuable motor skills as they create colorful pictures on the backs of discarded desk calendar sheets.

Calendars That Are Durable and Erasable

Many versions of calendars feature highly durable, erasable and or reusable plastic-coated surfaces. Simply write in activities and appointments, and make any necessary changes on the fly. There's usually space to write in large letters, which makes viewing effortless, while decorative touches add style, fitting well into any decor. Almost anyone can make use of calendars and planners, so they're ideal as all-occasion gifts too.

Calendars That Support Time Management Skills

Ideal for students as well as teachers, academic calendars are based on the school year. Successful students are ones who know how to utilize and manage their time effectively. Calendars offer a versatile yet low-tech way to stay on track with assignments, such as term papers or art projects, and students develop planning skills that remain with them all their lives.

Calendars For Work and Play

Since many college students work part- or full-time or are active in college-related events like marching band or sports teams, personal organizers and planners are a convenient way to help them schedule their days and weeks better. Teachers in particular find the July to June layout of academic calendars simple to use, helping them with planning lessons by scheduling and coordinating them in advance.

Calendars That Are Color-Coded For Better Organization

Some planners include colored tabs for rapid organization and retrieval. Immune from data loss, these provide a long-term solution ideal for seniors who may be less comfortable with smartphones or high-tech apps. Many seniors actually prefer something more concrete in which to store important numbers, addresses or mark important dates like anniversaries, birthdays or doctor appointments.

No matter whether you need a calendar to stay on track or to plan ahead, Staples 2016 calendars help to keep you in the know and on the go.


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