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Camera & Camcorder Batteries & Chargers

Camera and Camcorder Batteries and Chargers- Keep Your Devices ChargedWith batteries and chargers designed to fit your camera or camcorder, your devices stay functional for longer periods of time. Multiple charging methods let you boost battery life at home or in a vehicle. Keep extra charged batteries on hand to make it easy to swap in new ones when needed.Proprietary DesignsCamera and camcorder batteries are built specifically for use with a particular brand's devices, ensuring that the battery you choose fits perfectly. Stocking multiple charged batteries in your camera bag lets you easily record or photograph a full presentation, a series of lectures, or a long-lasting event with minimal downtime because you can pop a new battery into your camera and keep going even after the original battery runs low on power.Reliable ChargingCompact battery chargers that plug directly into a wall outlet are portable enough to bring with you whether you're headed to the local coffee shop or across the country for an industry conference. Vehicle chargers plug into the lighter socket in your car to let you recharge batteries during a car ride so your device is ready for use as soon as you arrive.Convenient BundlesConvenient bundle packs include everything you need to maintain your device, including camera or camcorder batteries and charging accessories. Some bundles come with extra camera and camcorder accessories, such as tripods, camera hoods, and remote cords, to give you more versatility when you're snapping pictures or recording events. Buying batteries, chargers, and accessories in a bundle pack is typically more economical than buying each item separately, and you can add more items later to customize your camera kit.


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