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Shackles allow workers in industrial and construction jobs to easily lift items as needed. The strong design and durable materials used in shackles keep them secure under heavy loads. Shackles can also bind cables together for transporting pallets, oversized loads, or trailers.

Installs Quickly
Shackles feature a variety of different connector choices that allow workers to install them quickly and safely for a wide variety of tasks. Pin-style designs resist shearing forces to remain in place during shifts in weight or alignment, and bolt-style shackles hold well under heavy weights without sliding or shifting in place.

Hoist Exceptional Weights
Heavy-duty shackles feature durable materials that can easily pull or lift many times the weight of the shackle. Many modern shackles can hoist loads greater than 1 ton in weight. To make the most of these heavy-duty options, use powerful chains rated for the same amount of weight or even heavier-duty chains for added security and stability during towing or lifting.

Releases as Needed
Modern shackles feature quick-release designs that simplify the process of swapping the tools as needed. Quickly replace damaged or worn shackles or relieve the strain on taut cables bearing heavy loads using the release mechanism. You can also swap parts as needed to make use of these advanced shackles safe and effective.

Looks Professional
Many shackles boast a professional appearance that allows you to use them in customer-facing operations. The durable finish on many shackles resists wear from regular use, maintaining its looks and its sturdiness for countless uses. Choose different shades and colors to match the chains and other support structures used on site to create a homogeneous and professional look.

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