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Candy Dispensers & Containers

Twist the handle of vintage-styled candy dispensers and containers. Alternately, scoop treats out of a modern candy dish for the ultimate sweet treat. Keep candy dishes germ-free with stainless-steel scoops that keep fingers out of the candy jar.

Easy to Replenish
Candy dispensers and containers feature easy-to-open lids to quickly replenish the candy supply in your home or office. Many candy dishes open at the top or in the back with a lever to help you replace the candy with efficiency. Open containers often feature contoured edges to prevent candy spilling on the floor while you pour new candy, nuts, and other goodies into the dish. 

Keeps Candy Germ-Free
Candy dishes can become a haven for germs, which is why closed-system candy dispensers and containers are perfect for homes, offices, and businesses that have frequent snackers coming in and out throughout the day. Choose from hands-free or traditional candy dispensers that deliver candy with hygiene in mind. Touch-free designs powered by motion-sensing technology offer the most sanitary candy dish for an office with many sweet-toothed folks. For candy dishes, keep stainless steel scoops in or alongside the dish to encourage staff and clients to keep the candy dish safe for all.

Looks Stylish
State-of-the-art candy dispensers and containers that are electronically powered give your space a stylish look. Electronic hands-free dispensers use motion-sensing technology to dispense a serving of candy. The sleek, sophisticated designs fit into any modern office. Vintage candy dispensers and containers add an eclectic vibe to your home, office, or waiting room for guests and clients to have fun with while they sit tight for their to see you.


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