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Keep mints in a bowl for a refresher in the lobby of your office or the foyer of your dining establishment. Sweet candies such as jellybeans and chocolates make excellent selections as party favors. Keep well stocked on gums from a variety of options for fresh breath after lunch.

Parties and Gatherings
During office parties or gatherings, make sure to sweeten the selection with an assortment of candies. Choose from a wide variety of fruit flavors, from classic cherry, lemon, and apple hard candies to chewier varieties in more exotic, tropical flavors. Offering an array of chocolate varieties, from darker and semisweet chocolate to classic milk chocolate, guarantees the candy dish will empty quickly. Colorful and tasty choices are also excellent for accenting a theme for more quirky gatherings or to fill pi?atas for children's birthday parties. For the more indulgent set, caramel and chocolate-and-nut combinations are ideal.

Fill elegant bowls with mints in your office lobby, waiting room, or restaurant foyer to make sure guests, visitors, or clients can enjoy a nice refresher while waiting or on their way out of your establishment. Shelled options such as chocolates or fruit-flavored hard candies are excellent choices to offer guests as a quick pick-me-up so that they don't have to worry about sticky fingers afterwards. 

Fresh Breath and Fun
Stock up on the wide selection of available gums for your personal use, to keep stocked in your break room, or to add a colorful pop to goody bags for birthday parties and other celebrations. Sugarless gum is not only a quick way to freshen your breath, but it also promotes oral health as well. For parties, choose from colorful gum balls or an assortment of regular and flavored bubble gum.
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Gerrit® 32 oz. Fort Knox Gold Coins Chocolate, 180/Tub
Item : 829441 / Model : SL2272
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  • Chocolate contains peanuts, soy and other nuts
  • Temperature sensitive
  • These chocolate coins are so yummy, you probably won't be able to save them for a rainy day
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Gerrit 2 oz. Broadway Strawberry Licorice Rolls, 24 Pieces/Box
Item : 278219 / Model : 100-00119
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  • Strawberry flavor
  • 2 oz. Package
  • 24 pieces per box