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Dividers & Filing Accessories

Create a filing system that supports your work habits using these filing accessories. Hanging systems helps you maximize the space in cabinet drawers, while portable expanding folders let you easily transport files between locations. These file accessories work great at home or the office.

Organize Files Your Way
Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or you manage a large office, the diverse array of file accessories available lets you build a filing system that best fits your company's needs. Use folder frames and hanging files to organize client documents in file cabinets. Index dividers can be used to arrange information contained in binders and folders.

Organization is even more critical when you are on the road. Use expanding folders to house essential paperwork or files that you need when you're traveling. These folders feature an accordion style that expands and contracts based on the number of files you put inside. Pair with top-tab dividers or printable tabs to make finding important papers even easier.

Long Lasting
Expanding files are made from tough material that can stand up to the demands of constant use. Folder frames are crafted using heavy-gauge steel that can withstand heavy loads, so it won't crumple under the weight of packed files. With proper care, these file accessories will meet your business's needs for a long time.

These file accessories come in a variety of neutral colors and styles, so you find exactly what you need for your project. Use different colored dividers to code patient files in cabinet drawers or protect important papers in reports with binder pockets.

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