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Cash Handling

Cash Handling - Keep Track of Money - Use cash handling tools to organize and track money at your retail store, service business, or commercial facility. Use reliable cash drawers, money boxes, and coin sorters from manufacturers such as APG and MMF Industries to make handling money easier.

Easy In-Store Money Management
Cash drawers let you manage your money during store hours, providing compartments for easy organization and keeping cash safely locked away in your register when you aren't physically present. Bill counters and coin sorters ensure accuracy when you're dealing with large sales volumes, while security pens help you confirm that large bills are genuine so losses are minimized. Cash handling tools that count your money quickly also speed up your closing routine, reducing the time that closing employees spend on the clock.

Convenient Off-site Cash Handling
When you're handling cash off-site, compact cash boxes give you a convenient way to collect money owed and carry around change, and these handy cash handling accessories are sturdy enough to withstand daily use yet lightweight enough to carry easily. A tumbler, electronic, or combination lock prevents unauthorized access, and multiple-compartment trays make separating bill denominations simple. You can also use your cash box to store receipts produced by portable credit card terminals, thus giving customers even more ways to pay.

Secure Bank Deposits
Bank deposit bags secure your money when you're preparing to make your deposit. Tamper-evident bags let you see at a glance whether anyone has opened the bag. Zip-top bags make accessing money simple, but keep anything from slipping out when you're in a hurry. Night deposit bags include sturdy locks that prevent forcible attempts to get at your money, and solid bags keep the exact amount of cash you have inside hidden from view.


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