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Home enemas provide instant relief from the discomfort associated with constipation. Use them as part of a health cleanse or detox plan and for the treatment of constipation resulting from indigestion or chronic digestive disease. Long-term use of enemas can help to improve overall digestive health.

Ease Chronic Digestive Discomfort
Treat intestinal ailments such as diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome that typically result in chronic digestive discomfort with enemas. Home enemas are an effective method of relieving the constipation and indigestion often associated with digestive disease. You can also use an enema instead of a traditional laxative pill to ease occasional constipation safely and in the privacy of your own home.

Colon Cleanses and Detox Programs
A critical first step in most health cleanse and detox programs, home enemas clean out the colon and help the body establish a healthy digestive cycle. Enemas help to clear your body of toxins and accumulated waste materials collected in the intestinal tract and relieve digestive discomforts such as constipation and acidity. Home enema kits are available as either a bucket or a bag system, and some can even double as douche systems for feminine cleansing.

Protect your Long-Term Health
Enemas can help protect your digestive system by flushing out harmful toxins and removing waste materials which often remain stuck to the intestinal walls. Home enema sets come with everything needed for use, including a bag, tubes, clamps, and surgical lubricating jelly. By keeping your colon clean, enemas work towards maintaining the overall health of your digestive system in the long term.

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