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Chair Mats

Protect your floors with these convenient chair mats that slide under your desk or work table. Sturdy and durable, each chair mat is designed to withstand heavy use. Choose the perfect mat for your office from brands such as 3M, Achim Importing Co., and Anji Mountain. ?These are mats that will look great on any type of floor, whether carpet, hardwood or a different surface, and ensure that your flooring and greater work space remains pristine and free of blemishes and scratching. They pair fantastically well with our selection of seating; we have all chair types and all the best chairs for sale including office computer chairs for cheap prices.

Protective Covering
Prevent your chairs from scratching or nicking your valuable floor covering with these convenient chair mats. Each one lies directly on your floor, creating ample space for chair movement. The mats are manufactured from heavy-duty materials such as vinyl and polypropylene, making them suitable for use in high-traffic areas. Hard, textured surfaces enable you to roll or push your chair easily.

Surface Damage Prevention
No two floors are alike, and these chair mats are designed to offer surface-specific protection. In carpeted areas, choose a mat that's intended for low-, medium-, or high-pile carpeting. Each one has a studded back that prevents the mat from slipping under your office chair without damaging your carpet. Hard-surface mats are appropriate for wood, tile, and other smooth floor coverings.

Convenient Design
Whether you need a mat for an individual workspace or a large outdoor area, you'll find the perfect option. For a desk, select a mat with a tab that fits under the work surface and lets you push the chair in completely. In an open area or under a conference table, select a large mat for extra protection.

Complementary Finishes
Don't worry about interrupting your decor scheme — these mats come in multiple colors and finishes. Let the beauty of your flooring show through with a clear mat, or choose from a variety of solid colors to enhance the look of your office space.
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