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Security & Carbon Paper

Security and carbon paper offers an excellent means to ensure that sensitive information is not easily copied by others. Security paper features integrated safety measures that interfere with copying. Carbon paper allows a single document or signature to create multiple instant copies.

Security Seals
Many security paper options feature security seals that interfere with photocopying. These often show the word ""VOID"" or a similar message when someone attempts to copy the information on the page. This level of security can help prevent unauthorized copying of sensitive information or details of transactions.

Instant Copies
Many businesses that work with important signatures require multiple copies for legal purposes. Carbon paper allows the user to press down hard on the top sheet to pass a signature along and create multiple copies for individuals involved in the deal, allowing everyone to have a legal and verifiable copy instantly. For everyday copying and printing in your office, check out high-quality copy and multipurpose paper.

Protect Sensitive Information 
Companies turn to security paper and carbon paper to protect information ranging from names and addresses to credit card numbers or wage and tax data. Additional security features commonly found on these types of paper include upper-and-lower section matching with intricate designs or codes. Watermarks that change color when rubbed in a certain way also help ensure the legitimacy of documents.

Storage Ready
Security and carbon paper often features acid-free construction that allows it to last for quite some time. Curl- and smudge-resistant paper stands up to well to storage conditions, allowing you to create and store copies of important documents. Archival copies can help establish claims of ownership or settle disputes in the future.
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