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Christian Resource Books

Add these Christian resource books to your Sunday school or vacation Bible school lesson plans to get kids excited about Bible stories. Pick books with reproducible materials for use year after year. This creates consistency from class to class, and it eases your workload.

Faith Building
Each activity in these Christian resource books connects to a Bible story or teaching, and some even include verses on the page, so kids get an introduction at their education or skill level while having fun. The included scriptures encourage kids to learn the Bible and allow their faith to grow while you help by providing enjoyable materials for each class.

Try out Christian resource books with hands-on crafts to get kids active and interested. These activities bring the Bible to life and give visual learners a reference when the stories are discussed later. Use crafts to kick-start a lesson and keep young learners engaged.

Choose a selection of drawing supplies to use with Christian resource books focused on art. Drawing and coloring are things kids enjoy doing, so take that creativity and put it toward learning. Art books provide a structure that encourages kids to explore and learn with minimal instruction.

Include games, such as crossword puzzles, mazes, and connect the dots, in your lesson plans with these resource books. The games encourage kids to exercise their brains, and they use vocabulary words and images that relate to Christian themes. Hidden picture games help kids improve their attention to detail, and they include references to Biblical stories, making them easy to connect to your lesson.

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