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Cleaners and Wipes

Keep everything in your workplace clean when you provide a wide array of disposable cleaners and wipes designed for every purpose. Wipe surfaces, handles, and computer monitor screens with the assurance that you're killing germs. Keep employees, patients, and guests healthy with germicidal wipes.

Stock up on disinfectant wipes for your medical clinic, hospital, food service facility, or other workplace to ensure protection for your employees against E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, herpes simplex, and other germs. Because these wipes are disposable, there is no need for laundering or further sanitizing. Use them on any hard, non-porous surface to prevent the spread of germs, then toss them away when you're done.

Scrub Away Tough Grime
Choose dual-sided scrubbing towels when you have to remove tough stains such as tar or grease, then flip the towel over for a smoother surface. Convenient packaging makes scrubbing towels easy to use, and embedded lotions protect your employees' skin. Opt for professional textured towels when you need to absorb a lot of fluids, and add a supply of disinfectants to keep your janitor's closet or exam rooms fully stocked with everything needed to maintain a sanitary workplace.

Streak-Free Cleaning
Antistatic non-streak wipes are ideal for cleaning computer monitors, portable DVD players, hospital monitors, and other LCD or plasma screens. Pop out one wipe at a time with the assurance that the non-abrasive surface won't create streaks or scratches on your valuable screens. These wipes are also free of alcohol and ammonia to avoid harsh treatment of fragile surfaces, and their antistatic properties allow you to use them around delicate electronic equipment.

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