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Cleaning Supplies

Keep your home and office clean with our selection of Cleaning Supplies. From chemicals and disinfectants to dusters and vacuum cleaners, our selection of janitorial supplies covers everything you need to keep your space fresh, clean and organized.
Keeping your home clean is easy with our selection of cleaning supplies. Chemicals and disinfectants sanitize surfaces and eliminate dirt and germs, and sponges and scrubbing brushes help wipe away those surface messes. Protect your hands no matter what chemicals you're using with cleaning gloves, perfect for scrubbing surfaces, washing dishes and much more.   

With so many people coming and going, offices – big or small – are havens for germs and grime. Keep hard surface floors clean with mops and brooms. Carpeted floors are easy to tackle with vacuum cleaners from top brands.  A buildup of dust around the office can cause allergies and unhealthy working conditions, so make sure to clean surfaces, like countertops, with cleaning cloths and dusters. 

Like offices, schools need to be kept clean to keep students and teachers healthy. Deep cleaning every so often is easy with our selection of tools like floor scrapers and window squeegees, while disinfecting wipes and dusters make everyday tidying up a snap. 


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