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Clearance Deals - Cleaning & Breakroom

Clearance deals on cleaning and breakroom supplies are always appreciated by those tasked with the responsibility of saving money.

Face it: the breakroom is one of the most important places for your employees. They show up each day to keep your company running, so it’s nice to find little ways to give back to them. One way to do this is by keeping a clean and well stocked breakroom. These clearance deals include just the right products to keep the hours you put in cleaning to a minimum and at a price that will help your cash flow stay positive. We have: disinfecting wipes for easy, on-the-spot cleaning and disinfecting, wipes for use on multiple surfaces, disinfectant bowl cleaner to keep your restroom sanitized.

Did you ever think it would be this easy to find clearance deals on cleaning and breakroom supplies? Faced with any number of unforeseen and expected expenses every day, business owners need to get creative in balancing the books. Giving you access to special savings on cleaning supplies is our way of helping you!

Your employees will be grateful at high traffic times of day to eat their lunches in peace and cleanliness. The much needed respite and recharge of a break in the middle of the day does a world of good to employees’ energy and morale. Knowing they can confidently walk into a sparkling clean and fresh-smelling breakroom does not go unappreciated.

Clorox Wipes leave behind a fresh, lemony scent that can uplift moods and create a refreshing atmosphere. The same is accomplished with Pledge Multi-Surface Clean and Dust Wipes, and they can safely clean additional surfaces like wood and electronics — you can use them at desktop workstations too.


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