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Clipboards make handy tools in the home and office environment, holding papers together and keeping them within easy reach. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit an array of individual and business needs.

Staples has a wide selection of clipboards to choose from whether you need something simplistic for basic use or a sturdier one with built-in organizational features.

Multitude of Clipboard Materials and Sizes for Convenience

Shoppers at Staples will find clipboards in a variety of materials including hardboard, plastic, acrylic and metal. Most designs feature a steel spring clip at the top or side to keep papers secure.

Beveled edges make them easy to hold and a smooth texture ensures a smooth writing experience. Some have eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paperboard and plastics, for those who shop for sustainable products to reduce the carbon footprint.

Standard-size clipboards measure 9 x 12.5 inches and hold letter-size paper. Users looking for smaller options for mini notepads or business cards will find 6 x 9-inch and 5 x 8-inch designs.

Offices and individuals using legal-size paper will benefit from longer units that extend up to 15.8 inches. Bright colors stand out and are hard to miss on any surface while fun patterns and eclectic designs add a bit of personality to paper and form storage. With a hole at the top of some units, they're easy to hang up for quick access.

Organizational Clipboard Features Offer Added Functionality

In addition to standard clipboards, there are an array of units that double as cases. They open up to reveal one or more compartments where you can store paper pads, business cards, pens and important documents.

Some have up to six covered compartments as well as filing pockets inside to help users stay organized, and open up flat so you can easily use them on a desktop. They can also hold small accessories such as a smartphone, calculator or tablet.

Many have a slim design that easily fits in a briefcase, purse or other bag, and some come with a built-in side or top handle for increased portability.

Heavy-Duty Clipboard Models for Productivity in the Field

Heavy-duty aluminum clipboards are especially useful for tradespeople and salesmen who write up a variety of job orders. They open at the top, bottom or side and feature a self-locking latch that helps protect the contents from exposure to the elements. Many have a large storage compartment that holds multiple sheets of paper or forms.

In addition to storing documents, they also have a pen and pencil tray to keep writing utensils within easy reach and a card holder to hold a license or keep business cards handy. A fold-up panel provides a smooth and sturdy writing surface, which comes in particularly useful for carbon copy forms.

You can find these in the standard aluminum and black colors.

Busy offices may need more than a single unit, and you'll find that they come in bundled packages as well.

When you're ready to buy clipboards, you can trust Staples to have the size, style and quantity you need.
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