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River City Clocks Clocks & Timers

Attach a clock to the wall, or prop one up on a shelf to ensure everyone in the room is aware of the time. A prominent clock with the official time makes it easier to judge meeting times and whether you are running late or early on rushed mornings.

Large Numbers
Many of these clocks have large Arabic numerals that are easy to read from a great distance. These large numbers are ideal for larger rooms, such as communal office spaces or waiting areas, where you want to only have one clock but ensure everyone can read the time without straining or crossing the room.

Battery-powered digital clocks feature clear displays that show the exact time for easy reading. Digital clocks often have multiple features, such as the date and an alarm, making a single piece a multipurpose addition to your office. Others include other such features as weather alerts that make them more useful.

Analog clocks are a classic option for telling the time. These clocks feature two or three hands that display the time in a way that is easy to read at a glance. Both Roman and Arabic numerals can be found on analog clocks, so you can pick which one best fits your preference.

Multiple Designs
These clocks are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Add a splash of color with a bright clock or bring an antique touch with classic woods and distressed materials. The large variety allows you to show off your personality or perfectly match your business standard designs.

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River City Clocks Oversized 30'' Skeleton Tower Wall Clock
Item: WYF078276469060 / Model : L28-30
  • Requires one AA battery to operate (not included)
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Antique metal finish
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River City Clocks Wall Clock; Red
Item: WYF078276248747 / Model : GDR-26
  • Smooth dark glass with dots
  • Requires one AA battery to operate (not included)
  • Easy to hang on your wall
River City Clocks Cuckoo Wall Clock
Item: WYF078276411520 / Model : 811-13
  • 8 Day cuckoo clocks need to be rewound every week
  • 2 Small weights drive the time and cuckoo
  • 5 Leaves and one bird design
River City Clocks Hunter's Quarter Call Cuckoo Wall Clock
Item: WYF078276248740 / Model : 991-11
  • Real mechanical movement is wound once per day
  • Hand-carved maple leaves
  • At every quarter-hour the cuckoo bird says "cuc"
River City Clocks Cuckoo Wall Clock
Item: WYF078276317904 / Model : 11-09P
  • 1 Day cuckoo clocks need to be rewound every day
  • Flowers, five maple leaves, and one bird design
  • Deeply hand carved side leaves and bird crown