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  • NAHANCO Clothing Hanger Accessories

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Clothing Hanger Accessories

Looking for Clothing Hanger Accessories? Turn to Staples. Your clothing hanger accessories should be a joy for shoppers to select from and you shouldn’t have to go over budget to acquire them. Luckily, we bring you many practical and economical options to add to your retail store supplies.

Of course, you want to make the best use of your space with a variety of clothing hangers and clothing hanger accessories, which we have in large numbers. For instance: clips. We offer a 1 inch-long clear clip that is solid, sturdy and very reliable for hanging things that stay put until you need them.

Consider the 1 inch small, clear scarf ring. This add-on can be a nice accent to have as part of your wall display and can make good use of your space. They are available in packs of 100 or 500. You can mix up your display with these clothing hanger accessories and get creative hanging scarves and other items.

Adjustable reach garment hooks in chrome let you easily display your clothing for up-high viewing and allow you to optimize all of your available space.

We have an extensive supply of all types of hangers, from the simple to the sophisticated. Browse through our specialty hangers, plastic hangers and wooden hangers and you’re bound to find just the right hanger for your shop. For instance, do you have a boutique? If so, luxury items can be displayed properly with a 10 inch satin hanger with drop clips in ivory and a brushed chrome hook. Check out the rest of our clothing hanger accessories pages. Find all the items you need to streamline the organization of your accessories. The neater they look, the easier it is for your customers to move through the items on each rack, and from rack to rack more efficiently.


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