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Club Chairs & Ottomans

Club chairs and ottomans bring comfort to your personal workspace. The padded frames support your back and limbs, preventing soreness as you sit and work for long hours. You can also add these versatile furnishings to your reception area for clients.

  • Reduce Stress During Work Hours- Club chairs and ottomans help you perform at your best by equipping your workspace with furnishings that cushion your body and promote healthy circulation. They soothe the body from every angle with padded seats, backrests, and armrests and an elevated platform for resting your legs. Pair these cozy club chairs with a magazine rack or nice sofa to accommodate employees and visitors in your break room or waiting room.

  • Bonus Comfort Features- Choose club chairs and ottomans with relaxing design features. A reclining club chair's adjustable angles reduce strain on your back, knees, and legs. With brands like Flash Furniture available, Staples also offers massage chairs that you can easily operate by remote.

  • Storage Options- Save money and space with this dual-purpose furniture. Storage ottomans from brands like Office Star contain spacious interior compartments where you can store magazines, books, and office supplies. Depending on your storage needs, you can choose from small models with deep compartments or bench-size furnishings with wide interiors.
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