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Coat Racks & Hooks

Maintain a tidy and safe office with proper storage for coats and umbrellas. Single hooks fit on doors and cubicles, providing employees with their own storage space. Larger coat racks and umbrella trees come in a variety of styles to complement your modern or traditional office decor.

With many options to choose from, you can select a rack that matches your office's image. A metal rack lends a contemporary look, and a wooden stand complements traditional decor. Place a freestanding rack by the front door as a statement piece to decorate a foyer or waiting room and hold customers' jackets. Individual hooks also come in several finishes, allowing you to coordinate them with your existing furniture.

Furniture and Floor Protection
Employees and customers can unknowingly damage your office furniture and floors when they lay down wet coats and umbrellas. Coat racks and hooks provide a convenient way to keep these soggy items away from delicate finishes. Keeping wet items off the floor also keeps hallways dry and safe for employees and visitors. Place a wet umbrella bag stand near your entryway to help employees prevent dripping while walking to their workspaces.

Attention to Detail
Adding coat racks, hooks, and umbrella stands to your office shows that you care about the needs of your customers and employees. When visitors have a place to hang their coats and umbrellas as soon as they enter the building, they know you have thought of every detail. Employees appreciate having a place to hang their coats and jackets to dry, and individual hooks give workers their own storage options.


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