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Coated Gloves

Coated gloves are great to have around when you're moving items or handling rough or dangerous materials. The gloves come in several sizes, so you'll find the right fit for your hands. Pick up a large pack of gloves so that you'll have extras for your work crew.

Prevent Hand Injuries
Working in a warehouse can lead to splinters or blisters. With coated gloves, you'll protect your hands from injury while moving large items or working with hand tools around the job site.

Cut Down on Abrasions
You'll find coated gloves made of nitrile or latex that'll withstand tears or abrasions and protect your hands from cuts. Other gloves are made with strong grips that'll let you hold your hammer or screwdriver tight even in wet conditions.

Enough for Everyone
Pick up a pack of up to two hundred gloves so that you'll have plenty of extras at your work site. Whether you need coated gloves for yourself or your crew, these packs will give you more than enough to keep everyone's hands safe on the job.
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