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Coated Sheet Abrasives

Sheet abrasives that feature coatings for extra protection are a perfect choice for use in many situations. The coating protects the piece as you use it. This ensures that you get the maximum effectiveness whether you're working on wet or dry projects.

Rounding Sharp Corners
Sheet abrasives are an excellent choice when you need to blunt sharp corners. Sharp corners can pose a safety hazard, and you can eliminate such a threat quickly and easily with the right abrasive sheet.

Sand Down Surfaces
Coated sheet abrasives let you quickly sand down many coarse surfaces. For even more heavy-duty sanding work, check out coated disc abrasives.

Additional Uses
The coating on some sheet abrasives makes it perfect for use on surfaces that must remain oiled at all times. The coating protects the sheet from undue damage while retaining the sheet's efficiency.
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Merit Abrasives Coated Sheet Abrasives
Item : 1163286 / Model : 481-08834171113
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  • Type: Sheet abrasives
  • Size: 20.2"(H) x 20.6"(W) x 13.5"(L)
  • Sold individually