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Workwear & Rainwear

Keep safety top of mind by wearing the proper workwear and rainwear. Coveralls and overalls protect the clothing you wear underneath it, while safety vests ensure that you're visible while on the job. The proper jackets and rain gear keep you dry and warm no matter what the weather brings.

Stay warm and dry in all types of weather by wearing work-appropriate outerwear. Pair lined or leather jackets with winter hoods to keep warm during the cold winter months, and tuck hand warmers into your gloves to keep your hands toasty. Winter liners keep your head and neck warm underneath your hard hat, while balaclavas protect your face from the cold and wind. Wear an ankle-length slicker and matching rain hat to stay dry no matter how hard it rains.

The right workwear offers maximum protection. Choose the right garments for your particular job, such as shirts made from flame-retardant materials or sleeves made from Kevlar. Pair these with other types of personal protective equipment, such as face masks, hard hats, or life vests, for a comprehensive and safe set of work gear. Wear coveralls and overalls to protect you and your clothing from exposure to dirt, oils, or toxic materials.

Keeping yourself visible is an important part of safety when you're on the job. High-visibility clothing, including vests, hats, T-shirts, and jackets, ensures that others around you who are operating heavy equipment know exactly where you are. Choose breathable mesh pieces to keep you cool during warmer weather or garments with reflective stripes so that you stay visible even after the sun goes down.


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