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There are many uses for TVs inside the home or work environment. A television screen becomes a marketing billboard when used to promote business proposals or company advertisements. When at home with the family, choose interactive educational programs to encourage young children to learn. A TV in an employee break room provides workers a place to catch up on sports scores or news during break time. Staples has an extensive supply of small and large televisions available to satisfy many needs for the home or office.

Reasons to Choose Flat Screen TVs
A flat screen TV adds upscale quality to any room in the home or office. Choose a wall mount to hang the television like a portrait. High-definition resolution delivers an impeccable picture that can also eliminate motion blur during active movie scenes or during intense interactive game play.

The Benefits of a Curved Television
You can also mount a curved TV on the wall, so it looks like a picture. The curved technology offers a wide field of view that provides a crystal-clear picture for the viewer. Many flat and curved styles are available with a built-in V-chip to prevent children from watching adult programs.

Why Use Smart TVs?
Connect to the Internet with the television and access multiple game, entertainment and educational apps while you stream music from the convenience of a smart TV. They are available with USB ports, so there is no need to use a computer or additional equipment. A smart TV typically has built-in Wi-Fi that connects to the home or office network. Similar to a computer, these devices have a home screen that allows you to launch all of the fun and exciting videos, movies and games to play and watch.

How do Smart Televisions Connect to the Internet?
Some smart televisions connect to the Internet via a direct or wired Ethernet connection. Many smart models now come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, so it's easy to connect to a network. A faster Wi-Fi connection will speed up the viewing, listening and playing experience.

What Sizes are Available for a Flat Screen Television?
Flat screen televisions can range from less than 20 inches to over 60 inches. The recommended size for a bedroom is 32 inches because the walls are typically smaller than the living room walls. A larger wall space demands a larger television. A 40-inch television is a good starting size for the living room or main room of the house or apartment.

Does a Smart Television Require System Updates?
Smart televisions are generally set to automatically update the software; however, there is often an option to manually update. When you choose to manually update software, then a visit to the manufacturer's website will have the required updates to download.

How do you Advertise on a Flat Screen Television?
Televisions are an efficient and simple way to advertise a message or promotion. Often, a user can plug a media player loaded with specific software into a television's USB port and the player will stream specific product descriptions or messages onto the television screen.
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