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Coffee Makers

Millions of people use coffee makers at home and in the workplace every day to enjoy a pick-me-up or simply because they enjoy the flavor. They come in several sizes and configurations for casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. At Staples, you can find several models to choose from whether you prefer individual brewers, small or large drip coffee makers, or espresso machines.

Drip Coffee Maker for Home and Office Use
Coffee makers come in varying sizes from single-cup brewers to 14-cup models with glass or stainless steel carafes. An array of features lets you customize the brewing process. With the timer function, you can set up the filter and grounds, then set a specific time for the machine to turn on. An automatic shut-off feature turns the unit off for added safety, and a built-in cleaning function and water filtration system helps keep the taste fresh. Some have a removable, washable basket that eliminates the use of paper filters. If you like to use fresh beans to grind your coffee, choose a model with a built-in grinding mechanism.

Some units come with a multi-serve dial that lets you choose the output. Choose an individual cup, travel mug, half or full carafe depending on your needs. Thermal extraction technology makes it possible to brew coffee the way you like it: classic or bold. Two-in-one models brew a carafe or a single cup, with separate filters and spouts. Most have a clear reservoir that displays the water level. Some brands, such as Mr. Coffee, offer personal brewers that make excellent desktop solutions.

Commercial Models for Constant Production
Commercial models combine several burners and brewers to keep coffee fresh and hot. They work in hospitality settings such as restaurants and hotels, as well as large corporate offices with many employees. These models connect directly to a water line, eliminating the need to fill up reservoirs and cutting down on preparation time. They have switches that control each burner, keeping the pots at the right serving temperature.

Individual Brewers for a Quick Cup of Joe
Those who prefer an individual brewer will find plenty of options, from Keurig to Starbucks machines, with several advanced features that help brew a single cup of coffee in mere seconds. They work with disposable pods that come in a variety of blends. Eco-conscious shoppers can use regular coffee grounds with a reusable cup that's rinsed out between uses. Individual brewers have several settings to adjust the size of the cup and flavor richness. Some have an easy-to-use color touchscreen to personalize each session.

Percolators, Cappuccino and Espresso Machines for a Richer Taste
Percolators use gravity to create rich flavors. They have a small chamber at the bottom that holds the grounds and they come in electric or stove top models that boil the coffee until you reach the desired flavor level. If you prefer stronger coffee, there are many cappuccino and espresso machines to choose from. They come in varying sizes with advanced features such as a milk frother or steamer, and a strength dial, so you can create lattes and other milk-based drinks.
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