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You can buy coffee online in many different styles and flavors. A freshly brewed cup is a wonderful way to start the morning or relax after a day at the office. Staples carries whole bean, ground and K-Cup products from Starbucks, Folgers, Peet's, Green Mountain and many other manufacturers.

Dark, Medium or Light?
When choosing coffee, start with the roast. The darkness of the bean determines the overall flavor profile of the beverage it produces. Light roasts are delicate and have some acidic flavors, while medium roasts are stronger with a hint of bitterness. Dark roasts have the most bitterness but are less acidic than lighter products.

Typically, darker roasts are more full-bodied and pair well with sweet desserts. Lighter coffees have a cleaner taste, making them a good choice for the morning commute. Medium roasts strike a balance between these extremes, so they're excellent for the office coffee pot, while espresso-based coffeehouse drinks use the darkest roasts.

A Host of Flavor Options
The search for the perfect cup doesn't end with the roast. These products include many additional flavor options. Traditional hazelnut and French vanilla are perennial favorites, while seasonal flavors such as pumpkin spice and gingerbread add a festive touch to any holiday gathering. Some manufacturers also offer flavored K-Cups that brew specialty drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. Both flavored and traditional coffees are available in regular and decaffeinated versions.

A Grind for Every Need
There are many ways to prepare this beverage, both hot and cold, and packaged coffee products handle almost any brewing style. K-Cups combine the exceptional convenience of single-cup or small batch brewing with a broad range of flavor options. Whole bean products let users grind their beans to match their preferred brewing method: coarse for a French press, medium for the drip machine or fine for espresso makers.

Many ground coffees are medium coarse, which makes an excellent beverage when used in most drip machines, but some manufacturers also offer fine grinds. Finally, instant coffee gives campers a way to take their favorite beverage anywhere and lets cooks add coffee flavors to their favorite recipes quickly and easily.

Environmentally Friendly Coffee Production
Many coffee producers work with organizations such as Fair Trade USA and the Rainforest Alliance to reduce the industry's impact on the environment. They teach farmers about sustainable agricultural and water conservation, provide health care and educational opportunities to farm families and ensure growers receive fair compensation for their products.

Exceptional Shopping Convenience
The variety of coffee flavors and grinds is matched by the many ways you can purchase this product. Bulk cans, bags and K-Cups offer businesses a convenient way to stock up, while smaller packages let home users buy coffee as needed. Some manufacturers offer individual filter packs that simplify refilling the office machine and ensure stored coffee remains fresh.

Coffee is a regular ritual for many people, and the many roasts, grinds and flavor options available let everyone choose a taste that matches their preferences. Modern preparation methods mean you can enjoy this beverage in just a few minutes, and the varied packaging options make it simple to restock when supplies are low. Save time and find the right products for your home or office by checking out our Coffee Lover's Center on
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