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Complete Panel Workstations

Cubicles provide each worker with a private area that minimizes distractions and maximizes productivity. Whether looking for cubicle workstations that include the desks or simple fabric walls that separate employees, Staples carries each type of cubicle in multiple configurations to meet the needs of any office.

What Are the Benefits of Cubicle Workstations?
Workstations that include panels let employees enjoy privacy while working on sensitive projects. The cubicle models let office designers include more workers by eliminating the need for individual rooms. Cubicle configurations include matching spaces, reducing the stress of one employee feeling less important than another based on the size of work areas. These units can also minimize distractions by separating employees and lessening the amount of sound that reaches each worker. Half-wall versions provide the same benefits while allowing some communication between employees to promote collaboration and a team environment. Consider models that include locking desk drawers that allow workers to secure personal items and important files at the end of each day for increased convenience.

What to Consider When Choosing a Cubicle System
Cubicle designs offer varying amounts of space to facilitate different activities. Panel stations with high walls ensure workers can speak on the phone without disturbing others and hear each caller clearly. Models with half walls let employees work together as needed while still minimizing sound from other activities. Closed cubicles that include a single entry and exit point ensure each worker has privacy and protects files and other regulated information from being seen and heard by others. Open workstations work well in offices where privacy and sound insulation aren't required. Small, side-by-side workstations are ideal for those who work on computers and don't need much space for dealing with clients.

Which Configuration Is the Right Option?
A cubicle workstation needs to work with the available space in the office and provide the benefits each worker needs. Large, open configurations house two to four employees and work for office areas with wide spaces. These can often be added together to create multiple worker compartments that all match and maximize the available space. Double and triple workstations include corner desks and are ideal for creating work spaces along office walls. Combine multiple station types to utilize the space along walls and in the middle of the room to increase the number of workers in an area. Consider cubicle workstations that include two panels and smaller desks to optimize the available space. Options that include extended desks provide additional space for employees who work with files and paperwork.

Materials and Colors That Match Any Decor
Staples carries workstations with vinyl and fabric panels that work well in most office spaces. Gray fabric and vinyl options pair with professional and contemporary offices. Brown and black materials offer a modern approach for casual business locations. Units that include desks are available with cherry and maple options. Consider a cubicle workstation with a rich, cherry desk for added visual appeal that adds a smart look to any space. The lighter maple desks provide a polished look to any office decorating scheme.
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