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Computer Monitors

Monitors are display devices used with computer systems or other video sources. Most modern displays use LCD or LED technology to produce high-resolution color output. These products are thin and light, so they take up very little space on a desk and are easy to move. Staples carries a broad range of computer monitors from top brands, including HP, Dell, Samsung and Asus monitors.

Computer Monitor Resolution is Key
One of the most important considerations when buying a computer display is its resolution, the number of pixels it has. A pixel is a single point of color on the screen. Dynamically changing the color and brightness of all the pixels creates a still or moving image. The best computer monitors have 1080p, 1920 x 1080, or higher resolution. In addition to providing a large working area, these products also show movies and video from high-definition sources such as Blu-ray players or HD cable TV at their native resolution.

Computer Monitors Have Flexible Connection Options
The right cables and ports make it simple to connect computer systems and other video sources to display devices. Many Samsung, Dell and HP monitor models have HDMI or DisplayPort connections that are compatible with most computer systems. HDMI connections also work with other video sources such as cable boxes or disc players. Some monitors also have VGA or DVI ports, which may be a good choice for an older computer. Many displays also have built-in USB hubs that simplify hooking up mice, keyboards and other peripherals.

What Size Monitor is Best?
Most of these products are 15 to 34 inches in size. Choose a display that fits the available space, and remember that screen size is measured diagonally. Casual computer users may prefer a smaller 17-inch monitor, which leaves more room for other tasks. Larger 27-inch displays are ideal for gamers or media lovers who spend many hours in front of their computer screen.

Can You Use a Monitor as a TV?
Many modern monitors offer the same video quality as an LCD or LED TV, but there are a few things to be aware of when using a computer display as a television. Most of these products lack built-in audio speakers, although some do have audio output jacks that simplify external speaker connections. Be sure to choose a monitor that has the same type of connectors as your cable box, disc player or game console.

What Does Aspect Ratio Mean?
Computer displays often list their aspect ratio, typically 4:3 or 16:9, in their technical specifications. This number is the ratio of the screen's width to its height. In most cases, 16:9 is the best computer monitor aspect ratio. It matches the resolution of most movies and games, and software developers such as Microsoft often optimize their applications for this ratio.

What About the Monitor Stand?
When choosing a computer monitor, a product with an adjustable stand lets users customize the screen position to match their preferred seated posture. Look for a stand with tilt, swivel and height adjustments for maximum flexibility. Some also pivot 90 degrees so you can use them in portrait mode. Select products have removable stands, making them an ideal choice for use with wall mounts.
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