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Computer Monitors

Computer monitors are an essential part of modern systems, giving you the ability to easily interact with most programs and applications. Today's monitors pack plenty of power in a slim form. The right monitor can make it easy to view information or enjoy the latest games and video.

IPS Panels
IPS integration is one of the latest developments to gain widespread acceptance for use in computer monitors. IPS panels allow viewers to view screens from virtually any forward-facing angle. Screens featuring IPS panels do not discolor or blur when touched, making the panels a great choice for use in touchscreen devices.

High Definition
High-definition video brings realistic and lifelike colors and shadows to your computer monitor. This technology allows you to enjoy video games and movies at high resolutions and exceptional contrast ratios. To display HD videos to your clients, check out our many different digital signage options.

Touch Technology
Advancements in touchscreen technology make it easier than ever to use your monitor as an input and feedback device as well as a viewing screen. Touch technology lets you get the most out of the Windows 8 operating system as well as many touch-enabled games and applications. Modern monitors often combine touchscreen technology with other advances to create a surface that is easy to read and use.

Major Manufacturers
Computer monitors from top brands integrate the latest technology to bring you the forefront of home or business viewing on your computer monitor. Companies such as Acer, AOC, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba combine IPS, HD, and touchscreen technology to bring the cutting edge to your home or office. Experience high-quality graphics and exceptional refresh rates with monitors from the brands you trust.


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