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Calipers & Dividers

Calipers and dividers let you easily measure the outside or diameter of any surface. Just open the calipers to a point wide enough that you can clip them over a surface or object, and then close them tightly, letting them touch whatever you are measuring. Then, read the dial or scale to find the exact measurement.

Easy to Read
Digital and dial readout calipers and dividers from major manufacturers, including Mitutoyo and General Tools, make it easy to read measurements. Thumb clamp, pocket, and outside calipers have clearly marked scales for your convenience.

Accurate Measurements
Calipers and dividers measure down to a fraction of an inch. You can find models that also show metric measurements that are essential if you are measuring parts for international automobiles or machines.

Wide Measuring Range
Calipers and dividers are available for measuring items up to 12 inches. Staples also features a full selection of tape measures for measuring larger subjects.
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