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RAID Controllers

With the right RAID cards and controllers, you can update the functionality of your existing server by adding ports and drives. Server accessories from manufacturers such as Adaptec, Intel, and LSI Logic can ensure you get the most out of your legacy equipment by enabling your server to use the newest technologies. Larger drives with the latest data transfer speeds and connectivity protocols don't have to remain out of reach of an older server system.

Fast Connection Speeds
RAID cards and controllers transfer data at anywhere from 150 Mbps to 6 Gbps, so you can find the network accessory that does the job without system lag. These server add-ons offer lightning-fast hard drive connectivity at a rate that your legacy server couldn't achieve without an upgrade. Add extra server memory when you install a RAID card or controller to improve response time.

Converters and Adapters
Change the configuration of your server system to allow additional types of connections with RAID cards and controllers. These modules can convert an IDE to a SATA connection or a PCIe Pro to a SATA/300 or SATA/600, so you can create a daisy chain of drives for more flexibility. You can more effectively control your hard-drive array when you have connections that interface properly and use the latest protocols.

Port Expansion
Add ports to your server for connecting additional storage devices with multiple-port RAID cards and controllers. Products such as the LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS controller let you control and configure your hard-drive array while giving you eight additional ports for connecting SATA and SAS hard drives.


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