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Ostomy Accessories

Choose from a variety of different products that help with ostomies and related procedures. Accessories include belts and tail closures that keep things secure, and pastes and powders that help skin and skin barriers stay healthy and odor-free. Remain free of hassle with customer-friendly products.

Customer Friendly and Easy To Use Products
Ostomy accessories are quick and ready to use for at-home or use on the road. Pastes and powders remain simple to use and allow for quick application, while also delivering a strong and reliable performance. Appliance belts and ostomy belts can be adjusted to most sizes.

Stay Healthy and Odor Free
For an ostomy issue where odor becomes an issue, use odor eliminator drops that are safe and keeps skin fresh. Drops create a generally clean environment for skin and skin barriers. For an option that helps protect against moisture and other fluids around skin barriers, check out moisture barrier creams and other skin protectants.

Quick, Convenient and Travel-Ready
The convenient size and style of ostomy pastes, powders, and skin barriers ensure that your patients are able to travel light and safe. Avoid hassles with long cleanups and inconvenient messes with these quick and simple products. With travel-safe and ready accessories, never be caught off guard or unprepared.

A Variety of Brands and Products
Keep your options varied and competitive to assure that you can find the highest quality ostomy accessories. Choose from a range of different brands such as Hollister, Connate, (No Suggestions), and Stomahesive so that you can find just the right product for you and your situation.

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