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Copy & Multipurpose Paper

Stock your office with various types of paper to ensure you have the right materials for any situation. Use copy paper as a cost-efficient solution for day-to-day printing and laser paper for vivid color images. Heavy, ultra-smooth specialty paper allows you to create colorful, sharp brochures.

Ideal for everyday use, load Staples copy paper into your high-speed copier to print emails, faxes, and other black-and-white documents. The acid-free copy paper doesn't become brittle or turn yellow, so you can use it for long-term storage of important documents, such as client records or tax records. For a sharp contrast, choose paper with a Euro Bright white finish; however, if you prefer paper that's easier on the eyes, select from the multiple colored copy paper options available.

Assorted Quantities
Available by the ream, case, or pallet, you can easily find the right amount of paper to ensure that you always have an adequate supply. If your company receives a large volume of faxes or sends out colorful advertisements on inkjet paper, purchase a large quantity to lower the cost per page. Smaller quantities are also available so that you can keep a supply on hand that you don't use as frequently — such as a ream of heavy, bright digital cover stock paper — and access it for the occasional use.

Select from a variety of medium to heavy paper products, recommended for use in inkjet or laser printers. This type of paper lets you create presentations and double-sided documents with realistic colors and bold print. For the ultimate in quality, look for heavy paper with the highest brightness rating.
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