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Cordless Phone Batteries

Ensure office efficiency with cordless phone batteries designed to fit into the phones in your workplace. Keep your phone running with a replacement battery from Lenmar, Insten, or Panasonic. Maintain a stock of extra batteries in your supply cabinet to prevent unwanted downtime.

Size Compatibility
Each cordless phone battery is designed for a particular phone model, ensuring a perfect fit, and replacing the battery is more affordable than replacing the entire phone. Installing a rechargeable phone battery is simple when you have the right one, and many batteries are compatible with a few similar phone models. Stock up on cordless phone batteries for each individual phone in your office, so you always have the right battery on hand when you need it.

Rechargeable Convenience
Cordless phone batteries are rechargeable, eliminating the need for frequent replacement and saving you time and money in the long term. The battery charges whenever you replace your phone handset on the base, allowing you to keep it charged and ready for use at all times. When using office telephones with multiple handsets, maintain the entire system by keeping a few fully charged batteries on hand to swap out when one handset's battery starts to run low.

Long Life
Whether you're calling clients to pitch a new service or communicating with colleagues in a branch office, rely on cordless phone batteries to deliver the reliability you need to complete vital calls. A replacement battery has a functional battery life comparable to the original, so you can continue to get expect similar talk time and standby performance while you're carrying out your everyday call schedule.

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