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Corrugated Mailers

Use these durable corrugated mailers to ship and store products, media, or marketing literature that doesn't fit inside standard plain window envelopes. Matching the mailer size to the contents saves packing materials and prevents fragile objects from breaking during transport. Assemble and pack mailers in seconds to keep up with high shipping demands. If you need something slightly larger to get the job done, check out our wide selection of boxes, in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Reliable Damage Prevention
Buy corrugated mailers made from rigid, heavy-duty kraft paper that resists bending and tearing. Packing delicate contents, such as books and magazines, in firm, protective boxes prevents rips and creases, safeguarding your bottom line by reducing damaged assets. Storing media disks in CD and DVD mailers shields their vulnerable surfaces from scratches while requiring less storage space than traditional cases.

Flexible Mailer Sizes
Mailing products in fitted packaging cuts down your shipping costs and makes items less vulnerable to wear and tear during travel. Stock up on corrugated mailers in sizes you use frequently, whether you need mini mailers, media sleeves, carrying cases, or bookfolds. Some mailer options feature scored sides that let you make instant-fit adjustments, so nothing can move around or get broken inside.

Fast, Easy Assembly
Whether you buy corrugated mailers in small multi-packs or large bundles, they conveniently store flat to save space in your inventory room. Mailers smoothly unfold and assemble using tuck-in flaps that stay secure without tape or adhesive, making it easy to prepare high-volume shipments on time.

Professional, Shipment-Ready Appearance
Mailers arrive ready to be labeled and shipped, satisfying all postal standards. Buy classic brown-kraft mailers for everyday shipments or inventory storage, or choose white corrugated mailers to give your products a polished look that sends a positive impression to clients and fellow businesses.

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