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Crafts Storage

Keep your work area clean and uncluttered with these convenient crafts storage solutions. Each one is designed to hold multiple items, so you won't need to work hard to find the supplies you need. Select products from well-known brands such as ArtBin and Avantus Corp.

Easy Organization
These crafts storage products make it easy to organize your supplies. Many units come with multiple compartments, each designed to hold a single item. For easy craft paper storage, opt for a large literature organizer. If you work with tiny beads or sewing supplies, look for storage boxes with small compartments.

Space Conscious
Don't worry if you have limited room—each of these crafts storage units is designed with a compact footprint that makes the most of your floor space. Install a desktop unit to allow easy traffic flow or select compact bins and boxes to store your supplies on your existing bookcases or storage shelves. In a classroom, choose a shallow unit that makes the most of your vertical wall space.

Long Lasting
These storage solutions are made from high-quality plastic and metal, so they endure years of use. For convenient repositioning, choose a lightweight plastic unit that is easy to lift when you adjust your craft area layout. Protect your most valuable supplies with a locking metal box or upgrade to a larger locking storage cabinet.

Fast Access
Gather your supplies easily with convenient storage units that are designed to provide fast access. Choose a mobile tower with clear drawer fronts for easy identification. In a personal craft area, an open-top storage bin system makes it easy to reach in quickly. Use a wheeled unit to bring supplies between rooms or around a large classroom.


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