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Crayons: Lumber, Paint, Marking

Use these simple crayons for marking or painting on lumber and other materials. The crayons are easy to use and help you keep track of necessary cuts and information on your materials, so your work is always accurate and well-documented.

Many of these crayons come in packs with multiple pieces, allowing you to easily stock your store or ensure you and your employees are well-prepared for any situation. Multi-packs save money because buying in bulk is cheaper than purchasing individual items, and having multiples means you can simply reach for a replacement when your current marker breaks or is lost.

Try out different colors to find the ideal item for your needs. Use a bright white one on darker materials, or keep multiple colors on hand to make different marks on the same item. The colors are perfect for organizing different marks, so your work flow remains timely.

Some crayons can mark easily on many different materials. If your business regularly deals with various materials, instead of focusing on one, consider keeping these next to your chalk line reels and marking chalk to ensure you can get the perfect mark on anything. Markers like these can be used even on materials notoriously difficult to write on such as wet wood.

Wide Temperature Ranges
Seek out heat- or cold-resistant crayons for when you're dealing with extreme temperatures. Those that can withstand cold temperatures do not freeze, so you still get a bold, clear mark. For higher temperatures, consider one that is rated up for such conditions, and avoid marking tools that may easily melt.

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