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Creative Writing Books

Give students the skills they need to express their opinions and ideas with creative writing books. Booklets and writing prompt cards give kids a starting point for their writing. Creative writing materials from Edupress and Teacher Created Resources make imaginative writing more exciting.

Explore Imaginative Writing
Imaginative writing helps reinforce basic concepts by letting kids use spelling and grammar skills in a natural way. Whether you're assigning writing homework based on thematic activities done in class or letting students choose their own topics, creative writing books give you plenty of ideas that help kids master point of view, story structure, and poetic meter.

Challenge Young Minds
Kids who need a challenge benefit from creative writing books because these classroom tools let them explore new concepts and ideas. Use them in conjunction with language arts books and vocabulary lessons to help students incorporate recently learned literacy skills into their own writing. Assigning creative writing projects also helps you tailor assignments to suit different kids, providing basic prompts for children who need help with beginning language arts skills and giving faster learners in-depth writing assignments that offer more of a challenge.

Get Started Quickly
Creative writing books that include prompts, questions, and story starters make it easy for kids to start writing imaginatively without having to come up with a topic or story concept first. By offering up fun topics that kids enjoy discussing, these cards and booklets keep students interested in learning. Unusual and off-the-wall prompts encourage kids to contemplate different scenarios and engage in higher-level thinking about things such as cause and effect, foreshadowing, and character motivations.

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