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Crimping & Stripping Tools

Whether you are rewiring a house or working with computers at the office, crimping and stripping tools can help with the details. Strippers are often used to remove plastic coating from wire, while crimping tools join together two pieces of cable or metal. Choose from a wide selection of tools to find the best option for your job.

Comfortable Grip
Each of our crimping and stripping tools is designed with a handle that is comfortable to hold and easy to manipulate. Brands like Klein Tools and Western Enterprises often use rubber-coated handles for additional comfort.

Powerful Force
Our crimping and stripping tools are designed to allow you to exert maximum force with minimum physical effort. Avoid accidental injuries without losing the freedom to move with high-dexterity gloves.

Multiple Uses
Many of our crimping and stripping tools can be used for more than one purpose. Check out wire strippers that double as cutting tools or look for crimping pliers that have adjustable widths.
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