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Panel Hardware & Accessories

Maximize organization in an enclosed workstation with cubicle accessories. Use these handy office tools to keep everything in place for less clutter and higher efficiency.

Cubicle Accessories Free up Space on a Busy Desk
Eliminate space-consuming horizontal file trays on the desktop by using the vertical space available on cubicle walls. A horizontal tray hung out of the way above your desk is a convenient place to store loose papers. A set of tiered pockets on a cubicle wall keeps files in view while clearing desk space for projects. Pockets hung on the outside of the cubicle provide a convenient drop-off spot for incoming and outgoing work.

Pencil cups hooked to cubicle walls put pens and pencils within reach without taking up space on the desk. A hanging cup is a useful catch-all for scissors, small rulers and other odds and ends that collect on the desktop.

Keep memos in view by pinning them to a cork message bar. At less than 1 inch wide, a message bar has just enough room to pin or tack important messages and letters in a row where they can be seen with a quick glance. Available in lengths ranging from 24 to 96 inches, there is sure to be one to fit your wall.

Use Cubicle Accessories for a Personal Touch
Add flair to the neutral tone of a cubicle with colorful magnets on a magnetic whiteboard. Write reminders in color with dry erase markers or attach sticky notes in a variety of shades on the white board to catch attention. Choose from a wide selection of shelves that hold office tools or decorative items. Display photos and notes with cubicle hooks and clips.

How Are Accessories Attached to the Cubicle?
Depending on their size, some shelves are attached to the cubicle's corner supports with dedicated hardware. Others hang from supports that hook over the top of the partition. Padded upholstered walls support the weight of items hung on them. Most accessories are designed with lightweight materials so they don't overload the cubicle wall when holding files and other items. Most accessories can be hung on the inside or outside of cubicle partition walls, with the exception of trays, shelves or other items that protrude too far into walkways.

Where Can a Nameplate Be Put?
Nameplates designed to stand on the top edge of the cubicle wall are high enough so that they can be seen by someone approaching from any direction. Frames designed to be attached to the side of the divider put the name and title at eye level. Nameplates are available with small attached whiteboards for leaving messages or noting a return time.

Can a Coat Be Hung in a Cubicle?
A variety of cubicle hooks are designed to be suspended on brackets that hook over or attach to the top of the cubicle wall to hold coats and similar items inside or outside. A hook on the inside of the cubicle provides a safe place to put handbags and other personal items.

Are All Cubicle Accessories Made of Plastic?
Some accessories are made from sturdy high-impact plastic. Many shelves, file trays and file pockets are constructed of vinyl or powder-coated metal for extra strength. Chrome-plated hooks and file pockets add a little flash to the cubicle decor.
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