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Panel Hardware & Accessories

Personalize a small cubicle and add more storage options with panel hardware and cubicle accessories. Free up workspace to allow more productivity, while having important items neatly stored. Using clips and hangers designed for cubicles, employees can customize their office partitions and dividers, dry erase boards, pictures, and clipboards.

Add Extra Storage
Even with a small workspace, it's still possible to make the most out of it and create an efficient environment. Using hooks and cubicle clips, it becomes simple to hang up a sweater or securely hold important memos for the day without damaging the cubicle walls. Wall pockets often come with one, two or three slots for frequently-used documents. A cascading wall organizer is convenient if you have many documents that need to be put away neatly because the organizer has pockets that can easily be labeled.

Staples offers office supplies that allow you to use a single shelf to personalize a cubicle with family photos or sports memorabilia. Wall pencil and pen cups come in handy for storing markers, pens, and other slim items; the cups attach to the wall by the desk and free up tabletop space on the desk so workers always know where their writing equipment is. Corner organizers work well if there are many small items such as paperclips, scissors, and highlighters.

Types of Panel Hardware
Having the right hardware makes a big difference in the office. Keep the walls of the cubicle steady with proper top and bottom connecting hardware in a color that matches the cubicle. Flat S hooks are ideal for hanging heavier objects such as plants or log books, and durable plastic hooks give employees a place to hang purses, coats or umbrellas.

Easy to Install
Many types of cubicle accessories are easy to install. Be sure to look for cubicle accessories that do not damage the fabric-covered surfaces of the cubicle. Instead, look for accessories that attach to cubicle walls using heavy-duty magnets. Clips for cubicles work well too because they contain small pins on the back that can be slid right into the fabric of the cubicle wall. Cubicle clips come in a variety of styles, sizes, and fun bright colors and can be used for hanging up memos, schedules, telephone lists, and reminders. No tools are usually necessary for the installation of cubicle wall accessories, and the accessories can be removed and moved around as desired.

Make it Personal
Staff often like to liven up cubicles by adding personal touches to them. Fans of sports teams display their interest by hanging up memorabilia, or proud parents add their favorite pictures of their children to show off to everyone who stops by the cubicle. Accessories such as cork message bars and boards or metal and plastic display rails are a good option here because they are durable and come with mounting hardware. Making a cubicle personal adds comfort and unique energy to the environment. Staples has a large variety of business supplies to create a productive and personalized environment at work.
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