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Panel Hardware & Accessories

Select panel hardware and accessories that will organize your small space or cubical at a price that fits your budget. You can choose from many quality clips and connecting hardware pieces from manufacturers like C-Line, Elmers, Fellows, Ameriwood, and Adams.

Hang Up Important Documents
Choose cubicle clips that are sturdy and durable to hang all of your important documents in plain view for easy access. You can choose from colors and styles that will fit your decor. Select from plastic or metal so that you can get the clips that will hold what you have appropriately.

Connect Multiple Cubicle Walls
Use connecting hardware to turn a large office space into multiple work stations. With a variety of colors and angles available, it's easy to find connectors that match your current cubicle walls.

Organize Your Desk
Create a cleaner looking space that is well organized using metal or plastic wall hooks. Select one that easily connects to your cubicle walls and will hold everything that you have to hang. The options allow you to hang everything from coats to keys for convenient access. You can choose from several colors to match your cubicle or office space easily.

Create a Customized Display
There's no need to use tape, push pins, or tacks to hang documents on your cubicle walls. Instead use display rails to stay organized. Hang display rails across the top of your cubicle to display important information. Display rails keep important information visible while you work. Choose a display rail that fits your current wall panel system and holds the number of pages that you need to display.


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