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Wall Files

Extend the amount of usable space in your office with these wall files and clips. Made from durable materials such as plastic and mesh wire, these organizers can be hung from walls and cabinets. Create a system that helps you effortlessly manage the flow of information and resources in your office.

Avoid having your desk buried under mounds of paperwork by using these wall files and clips to hold mail, folders, binders media, and other things you want to keep close at hand. You can easily expand or minimize the system by simply adding or subtracting trays or clips. This a great option for cubicles and other small areas where desk or counter space is limited.

Easy to Install
Using the included mounting hardware, these wall files can be installed on almost any surface, including walls, partitions, and boards. Some organizers have magnetic backs that let you place them on metal surfaces such as the side of a file cabinet.

Wall files from brands such as Staples, Fellowes, Safco, and other manufacturers are made of durable materials such as plastic and wire mesh. While lightweight, these organizing tools can still withstand the rigors of constant use. Solid plastic trays help protect contents from environmental elements such as dirt and moisture but still let you quickly access items when needed.

These organizational tools feature neutral colors and designs, which let them seamlessly blend into any environment. From upscale corporate offices to food service areas to home offices, these wall files look great in any space while providing an easy way to manage resources.

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