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Cast Protectors

Cast protectors are essential for keeping injuries dry while showering, which promotes safe healing and prevents complications. Cast protectors are designed in different styles that are customized to fit particular appendages and body sizes. They are reusable and easy to maintain.

Protection from Moisture
Cast protectors are designed to form a watertight seal around your sensitive injured areas, keeping casts and bandages dry while showering. Maintaining a dry cast area helps to prevent moisture from leaking onto sensitive injuries, such as rashes, lacerations or burns. Cast protectors help the skin surrounding your injury stay healthy during the healing process as well. Excessive moisture under a cast-covered area can also lead to skin infections and fungus, which cast protectors help prevent, especially during long-term use of casts and bandages.

Customized Fit
Cast protectors come in different shapes to specifically fit the width and bends of your arms, legs, or hands, and these protectors are available in an assortment of sizes for adults and children. Many cast protectors are made from latex-free plastic or nylon, so latex allergies are not an issue. Cast protectors aren't just for casts; they also can protect injuries covered by sponges and gauze or smaller bandages.

Reusable, Durable, and Easy to Clean
Cast protectors are made with materials, such as plastic or nylon, that are easy to clean and use repeatedly. Many cast protectors are specially made to resist abrasions and tears, ensuring that the seal around your injury remains watertight throughout the healing process. The plastics and nylons used in these cast protectors make them easy to keep clean for long-term use.

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