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Wound Cleanser

Wound cleansers reduce infections in open wounds and burns by cutting through debris and killing bacteria and fungus. The gentle cleaners are non-irritating, making them good for sensitive skin. No-rinse formulas can be used without water, while the spray nozzle speeds treatment times.

Reduces Workplace Infections
Be prepared for accidents at the workplace by stocking an anti-microbial wound cleanser, which kills bacteria and fungus in cuts, burns, and open wounds, as well as helps cut through debris and skin oils. Properly cleaned wounds heal faster and are less likely to become infected, helping to keep your employees or patients healthy and happy. Doctors recommend choosing a noncytotoxic formula, which won't destroy healthy cell tissue.

No-Rinse for Every Workplace
Most wound cleansers don't require any rinsing off, making them a practical solution when you cannot clean the injury in the sink, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and outdoor work sites. The cleaners deliver a mist that thoroughly covers the injury, and many nozzles include a spray mode to helps loosen debris, such as dirt from a bruised knee.

Fast and Efficient
The mist application is also faster and more efficient than cleaning with soap, speeding up first aid response times and reducing the pain potential for the injured person. The spray mode delivers a gentle pressure to reach into puncture wounds or can be sprayed onto medical gauze to wipe away debris.

Good for Sensitive Skin
Wound cleansers are designed to be non-irritating, so they're gentler than alcohol, which dries out skin. The formulas are also latex-free and less likely to trigger allergic skin reactions than many home topical treatments.

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