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Learn something new with DVDs. Choose from exercise videos, programs that build basic preschool skills, or advanced lessons in school subjects to boost students' skills in important areas. DVDs from S&S, Koplow Games, and Sentimental Productions deliver high-quality content.

Get Moving
Achieve your daily fitness goals with DVDs that teach you dance and exercise routines. Exercise videos aimed at kids add variety to a school physical education program and help kids include more physical activity in their daily routine on days when outdoor activity isn't an option. Exercise DVDs intended for an older audience help adolescents and adults master specific dance moves and let you try out interesting new ways to get fit.

Teach Basic Skills
Educational DVDs help infants, toddlers, and preschoolers learn basic skills and improve school readiness, giving young children a valuable head start on the concepts they need to master during preschool and kindergarten. Programs aimed at children under five introduce kids to concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, providing a firm foundation for later math and literacy lessons. Use preschool DVDs along with early childhood resource books to get your child ready for a successful first year of formal schooling.

Extended Learning
Science and geography DVDs let kids explore their own interests without taking up valuable class time, and they also make great alternatives to busywork on days when a substitute takes over the class. Music programs encourage kids to sing along to music in different styles and give children a better appreciation of different genres of music. Relaxation DVDs help you wind down after a long day with audio and visual cues that soothe the mind.

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