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Dairy Digestive Aids

With dairy digestive aids, you can enjoy milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream even if you are lactose-intolerant. Consuming tablets containing the enzyme lactase can help your body break down lactose to make dairy tolerable. Keep this food additive on hand to avoid discomfort from digestive issues.

Effective Lactose Breakdown
Dairy digestive aids use the enzyme lactase to break down lactose in the digestive system, eliminating the problems that can cause upset stomach and intestinal discomfort in lactose-intolerant people. Generic versions of lactase-containing supplements give you an economical way to reduce the effects of lactose on your body so you don't have to eschew the dairy products you love. Tablets or capsules containing lactase can be taken just before or while you are enjoying a meal or snack containing dairy.

Convenient Doses
Consuming a single dose of a lactase-containing digestive aid makes it possible for a lactose-intolerant individual to eat dairy that would otherwise cause digestive discomfort. The effects last a while, so you can even go back for a second serving of cheese pizza or chocolate ice cream. Buying in bulk ensures that all of the lactose-intolerant people in your group can share a dairy-based meal.

Relieve Upset Stomach
Lactose-intolerant individuals who use dairy digestive aids enjoy relief from cramps, gas, bloating, and abdominal pain that would normally accompany the ingestion of dairy products. In addition to lactase tablets, stock up on digestive tablets that treat heartburn and intestinal problems with other causes, such as overeating, acidic foods, or disorders of the stomach and esophagus. Anti-nausea medication and antacids help you restore your digestive tract in the face of unexpected discomfort.

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Generic OTC Dairy Digestive Aids, 32/Box
Item : 114998 / Model : OTC700763
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Digestive Advantage® Tummy Relief Tablets, 50/Pack
Item : 41639 / Model : DVA18112
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  • Packaging type: 50/pack
  • Purpose: Relieve occasional heartburn and promote overall digestive health
  • Dietary supplement