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Space Heaters

Heaters are effective at maintaining temperatures year-round. Smaller units are perfect for home or corner offices. Larger units can help ensure that plants in a greenhouse or customers in a shopping area feel warm and secure. Staples has a wide variety of portable & space heaters, towers and fans, as well as top of the line Lasko heaters that will bring warmth and comfort to any environment. 

Provide a Place to Warm Up
Provide your customers with a warm place to come into, out of the cold. A sign announcing the warmth indoors might be just what you need to help turn passers-by into shoppers.

Keep Temperatures Just Right
Ensure that your office is warm all winter with quality Lasko & space heaters. For the warmer months, check out our great selection of air conditioners.

Protect Plants from Frost
Frost can kill outdoor plants that bring so much life into your office. Bring them inside and keep them warm and alive all winter with your soothing new heater.
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