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Post-it® Bonus Packs

Post-it bonus packs let you keep plenty of your favorite Post-it products on hand. The bonus packs often include large quantities of a single type of note or an assortment of styles and accessories. This helps you make the most of your office supply purchase.

Effective Sharing
Post-it sticky notes make it easy to leave memos for coworkers or family members on almost any dry surface. This lets you share information with others and organize to-do lists or planning sessions effectively. The versatile notes can also help you track inventory levels and tag items for counting purposes.

Included Accessories
The bonus packs often come with more than just sticky notes. The packs regularly include accessories such as boxes for holding all of your adhesive notepads as well as specialized tags and dispensers for easier organization. For a simple organization solution for your notes, check out the selection of note dispensers.

Superb Quantity
Post-it bonus packs deliver a large quantity of your favorite Post-it products. This includes adhesive tags for use in notebooks and binders and traditional sticky notes for memos and tracking. The superb quantity lets you more easily tackle large operations without running out of available notes.

Sampler Assortment
Some bonus packs offer an assortment of Post-it products. These allow you to try out different products to discover which ones best fit the needs of your office environment. Sampler assortments also make it easy to set up novel organization systems or test new ways of handling information for meetings, and the wide variety of products included gives you plenty of options for sharing information at conferences and conventions.
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