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Martha Stewart Tags

Martha Stewart tags provide ample space for office managers to write the names of products or employees. Many packages contain multiple tags, so you can easily replace an outdated tag with one that has the correct information.

User-Friendly Design
Quickly organize your workspace by placing Martha Stewart tags on your containers and trays. Hang these lightweight, elegant tags directly from the package, without the need for scissors or glue. Choose basic tags with elastic bands that slide easily around your possessions, or embrace the country-chic look by choosing tags attached to baker's twine. Simply write what you want on the tag with a permanent marker, and place it directly around the top, bottom, or side of the item of your choice.

Label your belongings with durable, attractive Martha Stewart tags. These long-lasting tags are made from resilient materials that do not break or bend easily, so you can use them daily with no issues. Hang them on your luggage when you head to the apartment without worrying about them falling off, or display them on the community pen jar in your corner of the office. You can reuse them multiple times without any issues.

Martha Stewart tags fit nicely on nearly any small or medium-sized container, from flower pots to containers filled with small, chocolate-covered candies. You can also attach them to your purse or backpack if you are headed to an off-site meeting where there may not be any storage lockers. If you enjoy sticking with one theme when you organize your work area, consider stocking up on Martha Stewart desk accessories in complementary colors and patterns.

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