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Routers and accessories let you easily and quickly download small or large video, music, or Internet game files with an exceptional range of speed, so you can enjoy a lag-free entertainment experience from your laptop or mobile devices. Choose from top-notch brands such as Linksys.

Immediate Internet Connectivity
Use a router, USB adapter, or PCI adapter to connect to your Internet service almost instantly. These devices have standard ports that make them easy to install. If you use a network of desktop computers, you connect the router directly to your systems. If you use a laptop or mobile device, choose a Wi-Fi router that delivers the ultimate speed and performance so you can work or play without experiencing excessive lag times or buffering. Wi-Fi routers that also serve as wireless printer adapters are available, so you can connect to your wireless printer at any time.

Ultra-Fast Speeds
External routers and accessories are designed to ensure that your system runs at the fastest speed possible. Whether you're using a plug-in router or wireless Wi-Fi router, your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet connects at speeds of  600 1300 Mbps, which is perfect for playing online games, watching high-definition videos, or simply surfing the net. USB adapters are also available, and they provide enough bandwidth to support file sharing, music downloads, and HD multimedia applications.

Many Accessories Available
Aside from USB adapters, you can find many additional accessories that allow you to enjoy your online experience. Wireless access antennas provide long-range coverage, allowing you to browse the Internet at high speeds from many feet away. Omnidirectional antennas that maximize wireless connectivity are also available.

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